LAB and X-RAY available ON-SITE, Free parking available

Canada Immigration Medical Exams


What to bring to your appointment

Valid Passport

IRCC IMM 1017 E form (Client Biodata and Summary)

List of Medications, Surgeries, and Medical conditions

Medical Reports of significant medical conditions, hospitalizations, and operations

Prescription eyeglasses (if required)

 Our clinic is eMedical enabled so all medical reports will be completed and submitted electronically. A digital photos will be taken at your visit for your eMedical file. 

Upfront Medical Examinations

Upfront medical examinations are available for the following immigration classes:

Temporary residents: Students, Workers, Visitors

Permanent residents : Express Entry applicants only

Refugee Protection Claimants

Refugee applicants must bring valid Interim Federal Health Certificate of Eligibility.  Must bring valid government issued ID if passport unavailable.

Chest x-ray

Applicants age 11 years and older are required to do a chest x-ray as a test for tuberculosis. Women who are pregnant may choose to defer the x-ray until after their pregnancy. Immigration exams will be put on hold until the x-ray is completed. Our x-ray facility if located in our building. 

Lab (urine and blood) tests

Applicants 5 years of age and older are required to have a urinalysis exam.

Applicants age 15 years and older are required to have a blood test for HIV, syphilis, and serum creatinine. 

Additional blood tests may be required depending on medical history and exam.

The blood laboratory is located on the ground floor of our building.

Canadian Immigration Medical Fees (including x-ray & labs)

age 15 - 74               $263*

age 11 - 14               $220*

age 10 and under  $170

Age 75 and older   $303*

Refugee Claimants with valid IFH certificate are covered under the IFH program

*fees include routine lab and x-rays (additonal tests/fees maybe required)

we accept cash or debit (bring $50 cash if x ray required)