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US VISA Medical Exams

US VISA Medical Exams

What to bring to your appointment (VISA Applicants) Form

1 - Valid Passport

2 - Interview Appointment Letter from Consulate

3 - DS-260 Form (Visa and Alien Registration Application ) if available

4 - 4 passport size photos

5 - Immunization Records (see US vaccine rquirements)

6 - List of Medications, Surgeries, and Medical Conditions (your family doctor can provide this)

7 - Prescription Eyeglasses (if required)

US Vaccine Requirements

Documented proof of immunization is an eligibility requirement of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act. Please see your doctor before your appointment to ensure you have the required vaccinations

Physical Examination

All applicants are required to undergo a  physical examination by the panel physician. Pelvic and rectal exams are not normally required. 

Chest X-Ray

Applicants age 15 years of age and older are required to undergo a chest x-ray as a test for tuberculosis. Pregnant women are required to have a chest x-ray to process their us visa exam and will need to provide consent for the chest x-ray. Our x-ray facility will provide a lead shield to protect the abdominal and pelvic regions. Pregnant women may choose to decline the chest x-ray but their visa application will not be processed until this requirement is completed. Our x-ray facility is located in our building   

Laboratory (blood and urine) Tests

Applicants age 15 years and older are required to undergo a syphilis (blood) screen and a gonorhea (urine) screen. If you have a prior history of sexually transmitted diseases, please provide records of treatment. Our laboratory is located in our building.

US Visa Medical Exam Fees

15 yrs and older    $350

14 yrs and under   $180 

Xpresspost fees     $40-$70

(if required)

All fees in Canadian dollars and include x-ray and lab

We accept cash or debit (please bring $50 cash if x-ray required)

Non Immigrant Visa Applicants

If you require a panel physician exam for a non immigrant visa or at the request of the US border Service please contact our office for further information